101: International Climate Education Team, FFF Europe WG Project

Mary Budzowska, Johnny Dabrowski & European Team




Dauer: 55 min

We Demand Climate Education in schools!
[Conference in ENGLISH]

Do students understand the climate crisis to its full extent and complexity? The answer is no.
In this conference we’ll be exploring the tools of developing an elaborate way of fighting the climate crisis.
Climate education has for years been an underrated topic – we’re here to change that once and for all. Join our presentation to find out about our demands and the pressure we plan to put on the European governments.
During the conference we will be joined by two guests – from Teach The Future UK and MockCOP26 – who will enrich our perspective with their initiatives on Climate Education.
One does not simply miss out on that!

Who are we?
The Climate Education Team is a group of 80 young activists from 35 European countries, we are part of the Fridays for Future movement. The goal of our project is to get extensive climate education implemented in every educational institution across Europe. Our vision of climate education is a comprehensive curriculum rooted in sustainability and fostering humanity’s connection to nature. It aims to provide a holistic understanding of the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis and its underlying causes and consequences, facilitate the development of sustainable innovations and solutions and empower students to actively engage in creating a just, sustainable society.
In cooperation with scientists we have formulated six main demands about climate education aimed at the governments of European countries. During our presentation we will present our long-term plans and visions about climate education.

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